Evgeny Roshchin

Evgeny Roshchin holds master's degrees in International Relations and European Studies (Central European University, 2002) and Social and Political Theory (European University at St Petersburg, 2006), and has a PhD in Social Sciences (University of Jyväskylä, 2009). He wrote his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Professor Kari Palonen on the concept of friendship in international politics. In 2012-2015, Evgeny was an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher on the project “Perspectives on International Community: The Struggle over Concepts and Institutional Forms”. Since 2016 he has been Dean of the Department of Comparative Political Studies, RANEPA (St Petersburg) – a small, modern and vibrant community of teachers and scholars. His key research area is international political theory, with a focus on the history and study of concepts. He is particularly interested in the construction and contestation of international concepts such as friendship, society and international community. His book “Friendship among Nations” is forthcoming with Manchester University Press.